Raising Boys – 7 Things Parents Need to Teach Their Sons

  As a Marriage and Family Therapist. I am struck by how often men seem not to have learned the basic skills required to engage a healthy and emotionally intimate relationship with a woman. It is so important that we teach our sons the skills necessary to develop and enjoy healthy and emotionally intimate families as they grow into adulthood. … Read More


As time goes by, marriage sometimes takes on a busy routine that distracts from the beauty and wonder that marriage is intended to be. Some couples like to periodically reconnect by taking time off for a romantic getaway. There are additional options couples can use to make sure the warmth of their romance continues to grow. Sometimes a marriage therapist … Read More

Date Suggestions for Moms & Daughters

Being a mother is truly an amazing thing, and I feel that it is very important to cherish every moment with our children, so I made a quick list of mother and daughter date ideas that will bring you closer to your mini-me. Mothers and daughters have a special bond that must be kept through all stages of our lives … Read More

Depression in Preschool Changes the Brain, Study Show

A new study adds to growing evidence that depression can affect even very young children Only in the past two decades has depression in children been taken seriously. Now, it’s becoming clear that kids as young as three can have major depression. That’s due largely to the work of Dr. Joan Luby, the director of the Early Emotional Development Program … Read More

Forgiveness, Reconciliation, Love – Some Random Thoughts

Most of the time, the work we do as individuals or clinicians involves one or more of these concepts. Many of the people I work with have a hard time with the concept of forgiveness. Many believe it means “forgetting”. Others think it means allowing someone to hurt them again.  Still others think that by not forgiving s, they are “getting … Read More

It’s That Season Again

Each spring Alaska posts a sad statistic. The number of suicides, homicides, assaults and other forms of bad behavior is on the rise. During the months of March and April, Alaskans who are subject to or are affected by suicide, homicide, assault and other violent encounters rises significantly. It’s also the time when the number of people seeking services at … Read More